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At Casello Electric we provide quality residential and small commercial electrical services.

Small jobs are our specialty. We've been in the neighborhood for years - give us a call!

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Generators in Bolton, MA

Casello Electric offers installation and maintenance of generators in and around Bolton, MA. Our service is one of the most comprehensive because we know the importance of staying connected and staying safe when the power goes out. Whether we are installing a generator or servicing a backup generator, we will assess your needs and make sure that your generator is working properly. Casello Electric recommends Kohler generators as the most reliable and servicable, but will install and maintain all other brands.

Why Do You Need Generators?

Generators are a standby device that can supply electricity to a home during a power outage. A generator will allow you to operate essential components to a home like appliances, heating and cooling systems.

Brands We Service
  • Kohler
  • Honda
  • Generac
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Kubota
  • Seimens
  • GE
  • Cummings

Your Best Generators in Bolton, MA

There are many different brands and types of generators, they can either be portable of stationery and fuel types vary as well. A portable unit allows for easy storage but must be set up when a power outage happens. A stationery device is wired, so when an outage happens the back up generator powers on immediately. A portable unit is usually powered by fuel while a stationery unit has an alternate fuel source.

For more information on how Casello Electric can help you with chosing a generator in the Bolton, MA area, please call (978) 779-9900.